Covid-19 Re-Opening Plan

 As you know, school districts across the country are working on re-opening plans for this coming school year, and we are no different. We have seen many scenarios based on several factors and we are also intent on opening with the health and welfare of every person on campus in mind.

Below are the policies we will be implementing to assure the safety of all students, families, and teachers.

  1. Temperature checks will be required for all students and teachers before entering the buildings every day.
    – Anyone with a temperature above 99.6° will not be allowed to enter the buildings and will be sent home

  2. Masks are recommended but not required, we will have masks available to students who need them.

  3. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up strategically throughout the campus.

  4. Air purifiers have been placed in every classroom.

  5. Parents and visitors will not be allowed to enter the 2-story building, the secondary building, the elementary classrooms, portables, or preschool building.

  6. Weekly chapels WILL continue with social distancing through staggered classes, and social distancing will be monitored by staff.

  7. Most P.E. classes will be held outside and the number of students allowed in the locker rooms at one time will be limited.

  8. We are taking measures to lessen contact in the lunchroom through the staggering of middle and high school lunchtimes to promote social distancing.
    – Measures to encourage social distancing in the lunch lines will also be taken.
    (Preschool lunchroom already allows for social distancing)

  9. In the secondary school, we will be staggering classroom dismissal times to decrease hallway traffic and locker crowding.

  10. We will make every effort to keep classes and groups separated as much as possible during the school day.

If a student or teacher is diagnosed with the virus, that individual will not be allowed back on campus for a period of 14 days and must provide a negative test result before being allowed to return.

  • Any student in this situation will be placed in a distance learning program until they can return.

We understand this is a fluid situation and things change almost daily.
As such if any updates occur they will be posted here.

We will also have a contingency plan much like last semester to go to if the Department of Education decides schools statewide need to close for any particular reason or length of time.