The Lions Den

Girls Junior Varsity wins the Championship!

Congragulations to the girls Junior Varsity (JV) baskteball team for winning the championship game. Every girl contributed to win, each one scoring at least one basket. Kassie Longanecker led the team by scoring ten points with Bethany Martin scoring six points. Let’s go defense! Every girl on the defense was outstanding, giving up only 3.1 points per game. The team finished the season undeafeated. What an amazing season with nine wins and zero losses!

Cow Creek Farm Field Trip

The social media elective got to go on a field trip to Cow Creek Farm. The elective got to meet a person named Jessie and she explained to the elective how Cow Creek Farm grew through the use of social media. After Jessie answered the elective’s questions, the elective got a chance to tour around Jessie’s farm and see cows, horses, goats, donkeys, alpacas, and bunnies. The elective got to pet some of the animals as well. This fluffy and refreshing experience was great for the social media elective.


CBCS Food Truck Rally

Coco’s food truck is coming to Central for the CBCS Food Truck Rally. You can order food online for pickup at this website (
The money from the CBCS Food Truck Rally will be used to help the senior class of ’22 go on a senior class trip.
Come and enjoy the food at the CBCS Food Truck Rally. See you soon!