Elective Courses


Creative expression is paramount in this introduction to fine arts. Students are able to sample various forms of art, including but not limited to ceramics, watercolors on canvas as well as symmetrical and illusionary works.

Our introductory music theory and band class offer a beginner’s insight into the art of music, performance and band instruments.




 Our chorus learns music and songs to sing at concerts and beyond.

This is the only class whereby “acting out” is allowed! Central’s Drama class promotes public speaking while fostering the specific acting and performance dynamics of the theater.


Our Journalism class works to bring the news of Central to our students and their families. They are responsible for the creation of the monthly school newsletter.



Elementary Spanish classes cover introductory words and phrases that introduce the language is a fun and exciting way. Middle School Spanish is more in depth, focusing on grammar and higher level word and sentence structure. Both classes embrace the latin culture through food and tradition.

Every year, Central Baptist Christian School compiles a multitude of photos to publish our annual yearbook that is exceptional in both quality and overall appearance. The staff works very hard throughout the year to ensure a “top notch” product for all students to enjoy!


Preparatory work for college placement is vital to every student looking to further his/her education after high school. Central offers a three day a week course that focuses on the intricacies of the ACT test, ensuring higher scores and successful beginnings in a post-secondary environment.





Students assist elementary teachers in all facets of the classroom, from grading assignments to organizing student folders. This rewarding position at Central offers the student a first-hand look into a career in education. The teachers are appreciative of the help and mentor those T.A.’s through direct year-long leadership.