The Lions Den

Leaving the Den

Central Baptist Christian School’s students have been working very hard to finish this school year.  What a great way to finish off the year than with a graduation ceremony!  We have two graduation days coming up:  HS Seniors graduate on Friday, May 14 and our Kindergarten students cross the stage on Tuesday, May 18.  Go Lions!

Sports Banquet

Central’s Sports Banquet is coming up on Friday, May 7th at 6:30pm.  Athletes and family of the athletes have obtained tickets and are ready for the festivities.  This year’s refreshments will be cake and other desserts.  Who will be honored this year?  Most Athletic?  Best Leadership?  Hustle? Christian Character?  What a celebration it will be!  Thanks to all of our coaches–staff and volunteers!  Thanks too goes to Coach Williard, Coach Maddox, and Coach Ana German!

Meet the Authors!

Have you ever wondered who actually writes these articles?!? The answer to that is the journalism team! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the journalism team comes together to write! Every week, we aim to write 2 articles per team. Amazing, isn’t it?

Almost There

We would like to congratulate everyone at CBCS for almost completing the year. We only have 13 days left until school is out, and we are proud of all our students for making it this far. Only two weeks before finals!

Middle School Boys Basketball

Both of our boys basketball teams are nearing the ends of their seasons. This year Central has a JV team, which is 4th-6th grade, and a varsity team, which is 7th-8th. The JV team is coached by Michael Clarisa; and varsity, by Matthew Johnson. Both of these teams have done a fantastic job in their seasons so far.  Their final game was on April 27th and the tournament is starting next week. Both of our incredible teams made the playoffs so you can support them there. They are eager to compete in the tournament and give all the glory and honor to God.

Last Worship Night of the Year!!!

You’ve had a stressful year . . . you know what you need?  You need Jesus!  We all do, and that is why you should go to the last worship night of the school year. We understand that school can stress us out, and we know that Jesus can take away all of that stress.  So please consider going and singing all of your favorite worship songs at this amazing night.  You don’t want to miss it!

Daniel Viana’s Cross Country Success

Daniel Viana is one of many students here at Central who participated in cross country.  All of the team did great, but Daniel literally pulled away from the pack.  In all of his races he placed in the top 3; and in most of them, he placed first.  Daniel did so well in the season that he got invited to the state competition.  While Coach G trained all members of the cross country team for success, he especially enjoyed training Daniel because he gave 100% in all his meets and practices.  Hard work pays off, and training diligently for success is a great way to show that.  Daniel is a good example of school spirit.

Mr. Rudd’s New DEN

Mr. Rudd has recently moved to a new office.  There simply was not enough space in the secondary building so he moved to the school’s main office for a bigger space.  Mr. Rudd made the transition from being a teacher to assistant principal at the end of last year.  He says that with change comes challenges. Working with the student body is a new challenge, but he’ll always have a heart for the classroom.  In addition, working alongside Dr. Martin and Pastor West is very rewarding.  We are so glad you are enjoying your new office and new role here at Central.


Adventures in Hawaii!

The seniors recently got back from exploring the beautiful, tropical paradise of Hawaii! While on this exciting adventure, they visited breathtaking beaches, specifically one with black sand! The group also enjoyed various activities at the zoo, a luau, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, and snorkeling. They got to enjoy a wonderful tour of the Jurassic world, and several parts of the amazing city of Oahu. Last but not least, they got to find their way through a pineapple maze! The seniors definitely agree that this was an unforgettable trip which they got to spend with their friends.

CPR with Coach Maddox

Every year the freshmen class gets the opportunity to learn CPR through Mrs. Maddox’s HOPE class.  Last month an instructor named Anthony Childs came and gave the freshmen the chance to get a 2 year CPR license. CPR is very important because it has the potential to save a life.